Break Chance Memento release date and trailer


This is a quick post to let everyone know that Break Chance Memento has a release date of December 16th and we now have a shiny new trailer. Let the count down begin!

Break Chance Memento (BCM) is the latest visual novel by Cyanide Tea. BCM is primarily a story about family bonds across time and involves time travel, tracking down a serial killer, and potential romance. Can Shuuki save the people he cares about by traveling through time? Whether or not he makes it through to a happy ending is completely up to the player’s decisions.


▶ A compelling science fiction story about a dysfunctional family and the youngest child’s quest to save not just their lives, but their relationship
▶ Over 6 hours of visual novel gameplay and exploring the city of Nagasaki, looking for mementos, and time traveling
▶ 8 different endings with 4 pursuable characters and lots of variation in the story based on the 70+ choices presented to the player
▶ 50+ unlockable CGs/images

Break Chance Memento will be released via for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers on December 16, 2015. It will retail for $19.99 (USD).

If you are a member of the press and would like a copy of BCM for review, please request a press copy via distribute()… or contact us .

The music for this trailer was composed for BCM by Chris O’Neill and engineered/mastered by Matt Mclean .

BCM was created using the Ren’Py Visual Novel Engine:

Recruiting Beta Testers!


Hello everyone!

I bring exciting news! Break Chance Memento is getting very close to completion and as such we are looking for Beta testers to make sure it’s the best game it can be. I’ve finished all 55 CGs and the other assets and only have a handful of standalone images to complete and Lore is now coding the game together as I speak. The game will be fully ready for testing within a week or so in a near polished state.

We are looking for Beta testers who:

  • Have a strong grasp of English
  • Have the patience and time to go over the game multiple times (and try to break it!)
  • Are able to give clear feedback and follow-up
  • Are free in the next couple weeks to do the testing

Break Chance Memento is quite a large game so it’s very important that you have the time to do something like this. Active Beta testers will be credited in game and of course get a free copy of the final version of the game as well as any add-ons we do.

If you are interested please fill out this form with your contact details and other information!

We’ve also recently created a number of social media accounts specifically for Cyanide Tea that we both have access to. They are for major announcements and fielding comments, our individual accounts will remain business as usual.

Tumblr (in progress):

Please follow us if you are interested in our work!

Thank you everyone for your support, we are both ecstatic to finally be so close to releasing this game. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Lore.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the finished CGs. Have a great day!


Not sure what to call this other than Update!


Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I’m here to tell you that everything is going fine! This will be a rather short blog post since I’m very much busy working on BCM (shock horror).

I recently started a new job which I am very happy to have, it’s a great position, great company, great salary. So with that comes a return to a normal schedule and security, which makes it much easier to get Visual Novel work done. Overall I’m a lot more productive when I have a full time job because I like pressured conditions apparently…

As for BCM, we are on the home stretch! I will be starting the final batch of CGs at the beginning of October and want to be finished by the end of the month. After that is mostly small bits and pieces and some things that need to be fixed up. This is what the progress has been looking like over the last month!


Lore and I have a Beta testing date in mind and while I’m not going to make any promises, we are aiming to have the game out this year. Mostly because I really, really need for it to be done and I will do anything to be able to enter the new year with it behind me.

We’ll keep you updated in the coming months, but as the pessimist of our duo I’m fairly confident in saying I think the fated day is coming soon :)

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!