BCM update

Long time no update! Auro and I took some time off to recover from finishing two VNs back-to-back, but we’ve recently started working full steam ahead on Break Chance Memento again. I had some computer trouble—well, that’s a bit of an understatement. My iMac flat-out went kaput and I had to buy another one… I lost everything on my hard drive, but luckily I backed up most everything VN-related, so I just lost my music and some other miscellaneous things. We had a bit of a scare because I had also lost the PSDs for our games’ GUIs, but luckily Lazcht and Auro had kept those saved, so everything ended up being okay and we didn’t lose anything work-related.

As you can see from the image to your left, Auro’s been busily working on the BGs after basically finishing the sprites. She intends to touch up the sprites a bit—particularly the main cast since their sprites were done so long ago—but the hardest work has already been done. She’s also got a couple more BGs to do before she’s done with those, as well. Auro should be completely finished with the sprites and BGs by August, which is when we’re doing our second round of beta testing. Then it’s time for CGs and promotional art!

Writing-wise, I’d been suffering from massive writers’ block that really wasn’t helped by my computer issues, but I’ve been getting back to work steadily over the last couple of days. I finished doing revisions on the earlier chapters and fleshing out Masaharu’s character arc so that he gets more chances to shine. I do want to do a bit more revising still, but I think that finishing new chapters is more important than fixing up my old ones for now. I will eventually have to stop editing this script and release the game to the general public… I have to learn to let go. ;_; Anyway, I’m now back to working on Yukinari’s character arc, which is chapter four out of six for Shuuki’s story. I will finish Shuuki’s half of the game script by the time beta testing starts and hopefully get some more of Natsume’s done, too. I haven’t looked at Natsume’s chapter one in months, so it might also need some heavy revisions before I start on the rest of his script. @_@

The game is pretty set code and GUI-wise. There’s one more GUI that we need to commission from Lazcht later (we’ve already discussed it, but put it off until we get to that part of the story) for Natsume’s half of the game, but every other feature in BCM has basically already been coded. It’d be nice if I could tidy up the time travel coding a bit, but it works well the way it is now, so that’s not really a top priority.

One of the things we’ve done recently is add in cultural notes! Golden text, when clicked, will lead to a page that quickly explains the term used. While a lot of people who play visual novels are also anime/manga fans and might already know a lot of these terms, VNs are getting to be more popular recently. These new fans, coming from more of a general videogame background, might not know as much about Japanese culture or understand words that the rest of us often throw around. I’ve tried not to make this feature too intrusive, so hopefully the notes are more helpful than not. :3

We’ve also cleaned up the GUI! We had some comments about how the textbox was too fancy and made it hard to see the art, so we scaled back on the ornamentation and I moved the click-to-continue icon to a fixed location. The textbox is a lot less intrusive now and the side sprites went in pretty easily! Had a bit of trouble with where to put the side sprite name box, but we think this works pretty well. Oh, we’ve also changed the font from PT Sans to Calibri. Not a huge transformation, but we think it looks nicer this way… We used PT Sans in our other games, so it’ll be a nice change from the norm.

That’s about it for now! Now that Auro and I are both back with our noses to the grindstone, we’ll try to update this blog more often with our progress. The BCM website is overdue for a huge update… I’ve got a friend working on making a spiffy new design and hopefully the website will be a lot more user-friendly and nice to look at once the redesign is complete. ♥ Thanks for reading!

Camille answers some burning RisAmo questions

Please do not read this post if you haven’t beaten the game, as you will be utterly and horribly spoiled and it won’t be much fun for you to play RisAmo afterwards. :C There’s an interesting LP of the game going on now that you might want to check out if you’ve been on the fence about playing it… I believe they’re holding a vote on what to do in the post-prologue now. Auro and I are very amusedly watching the whole thing from a distance because that’s what we do. :D I’m also working busily on The Elevator, so that should probably be out today or tomorrow depending on how much sleep I’m willing to forego. I’m doing a fairly rough version just to present to my class first, but of course we’ll polish it up before releasing it to the general public.

Anyway, I’m going to be answering some RisAmo general, plot, and character-related questions that I’ve heard from people… Either through reviews, poll responses, or otherwise. Or ones I made up and just feel like talking about. So hopefully this gives people some more understanding of what went on in the story and answers some things that have been nagging at the backs of their minds. Feel free to contact either of us if you have more questions.


Hello world!


First of all, welcome to the brand new Cyanide Tea blog! I’ve set up a redirect from my old dev blog for convenience’s sake, but this is going to be our primary blog from now on. Auro and I will not only be posting status updates on our various projects, but also talking about the process of making VNs, designing characters, that sort of thing… So keep an eye on this blog and I hope you find it enjoyable. (:

Moving along, I’ve just uploaded version 1.1 of Ristorante Amore to our website. This fixes the following:

  • The sprite error that happens just after the CG in Liam’s post-prologue romantic ending.
  • Various typos and a few detail mismatches/inconsistencies.
  • The full-comp secret site link. It now actually works instead of just taking you to the RisAmo website main page.
  • The game’s window icon. It now works properly on the Mac. (not sure if Windows users were having problems with it?)

Also (and this isn’t a bugfix, but a logistical change): right-clicking while in the game now takes you to the preferences menu. You can access save/load from there if need be. Pressing [P] will still bring up the preferences as normal, but hopefully this helps some people out a bit.

I’m pretty sure that addresses most of the minor problems people have been having with the game, so hopefully there’s not a need for a version 1.2. The sprite error was the only one that even brought up an error screen–and even then, only some of the time. Do let us know if you find that there are any other problems.

I’ve also officially released the .RPY files for people to use and learn from. I hope these are useful to somebody, though I personally find my code really messy. ^^;

Re: an extended version of RisAmo… Auro and I have been kicking ideas about it back and forth, but ultimately we decided that if it does happen, it won’t be for a long while. (at least not until after BCM’s done) We’re the types that always want to fix things and improve on things, but we’ve decided to try and accept that the game’s over. I think that, overall, people would rather see new VNs from us than to see us constantly rehash the same old content. NaNoRenO was a whole lot of fun (and hard work) and we learned a lot from it… We should just leave it at that. We’ve been very grateful for and humbled by all the responses to the game and we’re very glad that most people seem to have enjoyed it.

Aside from doing some planning on BCM and restarting our efforts on it, Auro and I are also working on a very tiny VN for a class I’m taking this semester. Of course, even though it’s for a grade, we’ll still release it for everyone else to play. It’ll be very short, though, taking no longer than 20 minutes to finish and having only 2-3 choices.

The working title we have for it is “The Elevator”. It takes place in the not-too-distant future and the story centers on a jaded, middle-aged detective. Every morning, he rides a rickety old elevator up to his office on the top floor of a run-down building. For the last couple of months, he has met a young woman every day in this elevator. She always gets off a few floors before him. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they spend the entire elevator ride in complete silence–but how will the relationship between these two people change?

It sounds a little odd and somewhat simple, but I hope that everyone enjoys it once it’s out. We should have that done by the first week in May. (well, that’s kind of when it’s due, so I need to have it finished by then!) That’s it from me! See you at the next blog update. ♥