2014 in retrospect

So 2014 is over! Looking back, a lot happened this year but there’s still a lot that needs to be finished, as well. Since the two of us are a team, it would follow that we should do a post together to wrap up the year, so that’s what we are doing! ♥ (more…)

Creative Growth and Feedback

Hi again everyone!

Today I want to talk about creative growth, specifically focused on the role feedback plays in that growth. The reason I wanted to tackle this subject is because I think we often approach it, not exactly incorrectly altogether, but definitely in a way that doesn’t always take into account that you are talking to a human, not a robot.

The arts (I’m going to focus on visual arts but I’m sure this applies to other creative fields as well) have a well established culture of feedback and critique. It plays an important role in creative growth. That outside perspective and more experienced opinion goes a long way in guiding people to become really good at their field of choice. It can also be destructive and negative. This culture currently exists in a form where the feedback can be harsh and the artist needs to take it otherwise they are ‘unprofessional’ and will ‘never improve’. The person giving the feedback is often absolved of what they are saying and the burden is placed on the artist to just get better. Otherwise they ‘just can’t hack it’ and are therefore weak. I’m not just talking about technical critique, but also critique on what an artist chooses to draw and how. We have all had a good laugh at the people that choose to draw recoloured versions of characters from their favourite series. My point is that we are ignoring the fact that learning art is a process.


A Q&A of sorts

For this post I wanted to answer and talk about a couple of questions that people have asked me about writing/making visual novels. There’s a lot of things I’ve only learned in hindsight and while my methods and opinions might not be for everyone, hopefully you can take something away from them! (more…)