Nanoreno 2016!


Hey everyone! This is just a quick update to let you know what Lore and I will be up to for March. Once again we will be taking part in Nanoreno (the annual Visual Novel 1 month game jam) and so by early April we should be able to present a brand new shiny game for everyone to play!

The game is called Where We Lay Our Scene and will be commercial. There will be a male protagonist and the four love interests are of varying genders and sexualities. The game takes place in Europe this time around and there’s quite a lot of diversity in the cast and backstories!

Early character concepts

Early character concepts

These are some early character concepts I did but since then Lore has finished the character bios and outline so they all may be changing a little bit, though visually most of the elements are there.

Christian Marino has become a household name, what with his face and body always visible when you open a magazine or look out your subway train window. But now famous model Christian Marino finds himself at a crossroads. What will he do with his life once his well-known and much-cherished looks fade? Is there even anything more to him below the surface that everyone else sees? As he considers these issues of future and identity, he’s suddenly cast as the lead role in a film based on a bestselling novel. With fresh new challenges to face in an unfamiliar environment, this just might be the solution Christian was looking for—to more problems than one.

We’ll reveal more about the setting and characters once Nanoreno begins! In the meantime I am hurrying to get all my planning done so I have a chance in hell of getting the game complete. This will be my 6th Nanoreno so I’m not new to it, but we are really pushing ourselves to create something great this year!

Actor Paint Test Full

Painting Test

This was a painting test I did early on, so this is the style I’m going to attempt to achieve for the game. The backgrounds should be a similar level to what I did for The Blind Griffin. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m hoping the final product looks really nice!

UI Planning

UI Planning








I’ve also done a fair bit of planning for the UI. I’m aiming to try and refine the UX since that is now my day job so I really should be paying attention to it!



That’s all we really have to share so far! We hope you look forward to seeing what we can produce for Nanoreno 2016!

Not sure what to call this other than Update!


Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but I’m here to tell you that everything is going fine! This will be a rather short blog post since I’m very much busy working on BCM (shock horror).

I recently started a new job which I am very happy to have, it’s a great position, great company, great salary. So with that comes a return to a normal schedule and security, which makes it much easier to get Visual Novel work done. Overall I’m a lot more productive when I have a full time job because I like pressured conditions apparently…

As for BCM, we are on the home stretch! I will be starting the final batch of CGs at the beginning of October and want to be finished by the end of the month. After that is mostly small bits and pieces and some things that need to be fixed up. This is what the progress has been looking like over the last month!


Lore and I have a Beta testing date in mind and while I’m not going to make any promises, we are aiming to have the game out this year. Mostly because I really, really need for it to be done and I will do anything to be able to enter the new year with it behind me.

We’ll keep you updated in the coming months, but as the pessimist of our duo I’m fairly confident in saying I think the fated day is coming soon :)

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!



Hi everyone!

So since it’s March, I obviously had to talk about Nanoreno! For those unfamiliar with the event Nanoreno, it’s basically a month long game jam held by the Visual Novel community in March each year where you create a game from scratch. This is my 5th year participating and honestly one of the highlights of my year. This year we are working on an otome set in the 1920’s about a group of misfit magicians trying to run a speakeasy. Check it out!

I will say right off that Nanoreno is a fantastic event for Visual Novel creators, experienced and new. There is always something you can learn doing something within a short deadline and I highly recommend everyone to try it out whenever you get the chance. The experience is truly invaluable.

It’s the last week and things are getting right down to the grind so I’ll be keeping this fairly short! I still have a fair bit to do on my own projects after all~