Chiaki Sorata


It’s been almost two weeks since the last blog post and I’ve been thinking of what to update the blog with. I think that, of course, Auro’s art posts are the most exciting since most people like visuals and there’s not much excitement to checking in with pure wordcount updates. (though for those wondering, we’re currently sitting at around 110,000 words) It dawned on me that, unlike a lot of other VN development blogs, we haven’t done any character introduction posts.

So! Since BCM is supposed to be finished hopefully sometime in December, I’m going to do a series of blog posts about the characters so you can all get acquainted with them before the game comes out. Of course, I’ll still post important updates to the blog, as well, but right now Auro’s working on CGs and I’m furiously coding/writing, so honestly there’s not much of interest to report.

I’ve decided to start with Chiaki, who is the third most popular character according to our ongoing poll. (making him the most popular character who isn’t a playable MC)

Chiaki Sorata (空田稚空)
CV: Kamiya Hiroshi (we wish)
Birthday: April 19th
Age: 18
Blood Type: O

Chiaki lived with his grandparents for most of his life and due to their house being close to the Amamiyas’, he played with the Amamiya siblings often when they were all growing up. To this day, he’s Natsume’s best (and possibly only) friend. Chiaki is a hard worker, though if you asked him, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell you what his future goals and aspirations are.

He possesses a dry wit and constantly teases and nags those who are close to him; they’ve all come to realize that it’s how he shows his affection. Chiaki is generally pretty good at playing it cool, but easily loses his temper when his height or Natsume are involved. Never ask Chiaki how tall he is. (for the record, he’s 151cm) He is very loyal to his friends and won’t stay silent if someone he cares about is being mocked or taken advantage of. Chiaki’s biggest weaknesses are that he’s fairly indecisive and tends to assume the worst about things involving himself. These can paralyze him when he’s faced with a scary situation and many times Chiaki will choose to take the easy, cowardly way out rather than be honest with himself and others.

The main theme of BCM is that of “family” and Chiaki’s character arc follows suit. In it, learns some reality-shattering things about his past and struggles to come to terms with where he came from, the person he is now, and the person he’d like to be in the future.

When going after Chiaki, it’s very important to be persistent. Even if he tries to give you the cold shoulder, that’s just his way of being shy, so don’t be too put off by it. Chiaki can be very passive (to the point of total inaction) if you let him, so don’t allow him to set the pace of the relationship if you want it to go anywhere. Due to his pessimistic nature, it will take time for him to believe in your feelings and really feel accepted.

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