Sprites Finished!

Height chart

The above featured image was the very first sketch I did for BCM when Camille had just commissioned me, over a year and a half ago. It was the beginning of everything.

Recently I have spent over a month editing the current sprites for BCM into something I was more pleased with. We should have some new screenshot and or videos to show off soon, which should be very exciting :)

The editing took a while, but it really was something worth doing. Though it could have been avoided and I fully intend to learn from my lesson and not do that ever again. So much has been learnt over the process of doing this project and not doing the sprites first is one of them. Trust me, by the time you get near the end of the project, you are not going to be happy with things you had drawn at the beginning.

It couldn’t really be avoided this time round. I didn’t have the experience for one. For another, BCM was a different beast when I first started, when there were just going to be the five boys with 2 outfits. Now they have two poses and 7 outfits with a cast of about 15 others. I don’t think either of us expected things to work out how they did, for us to hit it off, form a group and start really getting into creating visual novels.

So basically I ended up having to edit a lot of what I had drawn, and in some cases completely redraw stuff. Masa, Shuuki and Natsume pretty much got redone. I also took the opportunity to add in some new outfits as well. Overall I’m pretty proud with how they turned out. They aren’t perfect, but they are a definite improvement.






Camille and I have also been having huge discussions on how to deal with them, how to get certain things to work, what to do with the layers, file size vs quality. Since Camille is the one handling the exporting and coding of the sprites, I try to make it as easy as possible for her to do it. Which freaks me out when I’m staring at a sprite that is over 2GB in size. However it’s gone way better than expected and she has managed to get through them quite fast with the help of a Mac App called Slicy, which helps exports layers. We have had a couple hiccups that I will need to fix, but overall not too bad, especially considering the number and complexity of the sprites.

Now I’m getting started on the CGs, after many many months. I’ll be setting things up, editing some text boxes and doing plenty of planning before I start on them proper, hopefully at the end of next week since I will have some time off. We have some interesting things planned so I hope everyone looks forward to it :)


  1. Congrats on getting this all done! I’m curious, why exactly is it such a bad thing to start with sprites? What would you suggest should be done before you start sprite work.

    • Thank you :) It WILL depend on the artist and process, but generally the rule of ‘You are going to improve over time’ is going to be in effect. What happened with BCM was that because I did the sprites early on, by the time I got other things done and started to head towards the CGs, my style had changed, I’d improved and in general I had a much better feel for the characters and a knowledge of how they were going to be used. So I ended up redoing a fair bit of work, which isn’t really optimal work flow XD So next time I’m planning to go Concepts and Planning> Design>Backgrounds>Sprites>CGs. My goal is to put the CGs and sprites as close toegther as possible near the end of the project, so they will have the result of the best my art skills have to offer at the time. I’ll take care of some of the other things first that aren’t quite as reliant on consistency and my style. This work flow isn’t going to work for everyone, but it’s probably a good way to approuch it if you are planning on minimising your edits :)

      • Thanks! Sounds like the main key is to do the sprites and cgs at the same time or as close to it as possible. I was thinking I needed to hold off on doing more on my own sprites until the script was at revision phase, guess I was right. Back to the backgrounds and GUI for me!

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