A composer has appeared!

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From the beginning, our projects have been using royalty-free music that we bought from various websites. It wasn’t ideal, but at the time we didn’t really want to go through the hassle of finding a composer to work with. After RisAmo came out, however, we had people asking if they could download the soundtracks of the game. Of course, given the limited usage/licensing of the tracks we bought, we couldn’t let them do that, unfortunately. After that, we started thinking that at least Break Chance Memento, a commercial project, should have its own original soundtrack even if it’s less practical to have for our free games.

So I started looking into composers and Auro and I have pooled our money to hire one Korochi Kayoubi to compose for BCM. He’s super talented, not to mention driven, and we’re very excited about having original music for our game at last. The audio in this post is a sample of three of the songs he’s been working on. They’re still not quite finalized yet, but hopefully that gives people a good idea of what our game is going to sound like. Throw out everything you’ve heard from our old videos and the demo. XD Of course, we think it’d be nice if eventually a composer came along who liked Cyanide Tea and wanted to join us as an actual team member, but that’s another discussion for another day. (also, a dedicated programmer wouldn’t hurt)

And for more on the BCM front, Auro is almost done with the backgrounds! We haven’t posted all of them because some of them are somewhat spoilery and others we’d like to save for the actual game release (we can’t show you guys everything) but here’s a handful more. There’s only one more (and a halfish?) to go, but the last one is the set of dorm room backgrounds, so that will probably take some time. After that, Auro’s going to spend her time touching up the sprites and fixing things in time for our Beta 2. Thanks to everyone who inquired about becoming a beta tester! We got a nice new group of fresh eyes to pore over the game once Beta 2 is out in late August. I’m still hacking away at the writing… Recently I gave up writing at Winter Wolves because I found that my real life responsibilities + BCM work just proved to be too much for me to be able to write for another big project, too. So Amber’s Magic Shop will have a new writer who will probably be way more efficient than me. XD I’m still supporting that project from afar, though, so I hope everything turns out well. There’s been a bit of a lull since Moacube released Cinders not too long ago, but WW has a lot of games to be released over the next year or two, so the world of commercial VNs won’t stay quiet for long. (and BCM should be out this year, too, of course ♥)

Switching gears, we have some news on The Elevator. First, for those who were concerned, we gave Kawa-Soft permission to translate the game into French and distribute it at Japan Expo. Auro actually designed the CD label and the box cover, haha. I believe they only charged for the game to offset the cost of production and renting the booth, so I hope you all supported Kawa-Soft by purchasing our game or the other ones they had for sale if you live in France/went to Japan Expo. Second, the game is now available for free download in German thanks to Marcel Weyers! You can download the German version of the game off The Elevator website. Finally, the other day I gave a New Zealander film student permission to adapt The Elevator into a short film. I reformatted the script and sent it to them yesterday, so if that gets done, it’ll be super awesome and I hope to be able to share it with you all eventually. I never expected that a little story I wrote for a school project would resonate with so many people, but Auro and I are both really happy about The Elevator’s success. After BCM’s done, we’d like to experiment with making more free, short VNs like that (or somewhere between the size of The Elevator and RisAmo), so look forward to it~ ♥

Thanks for reading! We hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday. :D (or Wednesday, depending on where you are in the world)

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