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First of all, welcome to the brand new Cyanide Tea blog! I’ve set up a redirect from my old dev blog for convenience’s sake, but this is going to be our primary blog from now on. Auro and I will not only be posting status updates on our various projects, but also talking about the process of making VNs, designing characters, that sort of thing… So keep an eye on this blog and I hope you find it enjoyable. (:

Moving along, I’ve just uploaded version 1.1 of Ristorante Amore to our website. This fixes the following:

  • The sprite error that happens just after the CG in Liam’s post-prologue romantic ending.
  • Various typos and a few detail mismatches/inconsistencies.
  • The full-comp secret site link. It now actually works instead of just taking you to the RisAmo website main page.
  • The game’s window icon. It now works properly on the Mac. (not sure if Windows users were having problems with it?)

Also (and this isn’t a bugfix, but a logistical change): right-clicking while in the game now takes you to the preferences menu. You can access save/load from there if need be. Pressing [P] will still bring up the preferences as normal, but hopefully this helps some people out a bit.

I’m pretty sure that addresses most of the minor problems people have been having with the game, so hopefully there’s not a need for a version 1.2. The sprite error was the only one that even brought up an error screen–and even then, only some of the time. Do let us know if you find that there are any other problems.

I’ve also officially released the .RPY files for people to use and learn from. I hope these are useful to somebody, though I personally find my code really messy. ^^;

Re: an extended version of RisAmo… Auro and I have been kicking ideas about it back and forth, but ultimately we decided that if it does happen, it won’t be for a long while. (at least not until after BCM’s done) We’re the types that always want to fix things and improve on things, but we’ve decided to try and accept that the game’s over. I think that, overall, people would rather see new VNs from us than to see us constantly rehash the same old content. NaNoRenO was a whole lot of fun (and hard work) and we learned a lot from it… We should just leave it at that. We’ve been very grateful for and humbled by all the responses to the game and we’re very glad that most people seem to have enjoyed it.

Aside from doing some planning on BCM and restarting our efforts on it, Auro and I are also working on a very tiny VN for a class I’m taking this semester. Of course, even though it’s for a grade, we’ll still release it for everyone else to play. It’ll be very short, though, taking no longer than 20 minutes to finish and having only 2-3 choices.

The working title we have for it is “The Elevator”. It takes place in the not-too-distant future and the story centers on a jaded, middle-aged detective. Every morning, he rides a rickety old elevator up to his office on the top floor of a run-down building. For the last couple of months, he has met a young woman every day in this elevator. She always gets off a few floors before him. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they spend the entire elevator ride in complete silence–but how will the relationship between these two people change?

It sounds a little odd and somewhat simple, but I hope that everyone enjoys it once it’s out. We should have that done by the first week in May. (well, that’s kind of when it’s due, so I need to have it finished by then!) That’s it from me! See you at the next blog update. ♥


  1. The RPY download links don’t appear to work yet. :)

    • Whoops! Forgot to add .RPY to the list of acceptable file types. XD It should work now.

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